How Would You Feel?

If it were you— would you want your constitutional, civil and court rules laws upheld in a case you were being blamed for? That you know you did not do?

How would you feel if no investigation was done for you? How would you feel if you paid an attorney who is supposed to defend you to do investigation and he did nothing at all? How would you feel if your defense attorney was not told about a prosecutor's deal with someone involved? How would you feel, if that defense attorney, who actually worked against you did no investigation? That he knew about the prosecutor's deals and did not tell you?

How would you feel if everyone involved was offered a plea deal except for you? How would you feel if you were not actually involved, but were being accused of being involved?

How would you feel if you thought you were going bike riding for the day, and an admitted alcoholic decided to accuse you of something?

How would you feel if your attorney did not ever even tell you what a plea deal is? Or the consequences of not taking one? Or didn't give any explanation at all?

How would you like it if at your own trial:
* You were told to shut up and sit down or you would not be there for the rest of your own trial?
* The judge was prejudiced, hateful and rude to you and your entire family?
* The judge would not talk to your family but willingly made deals with other people's families?
* You were forced to have a fired contentious lawyer represent you?
* You were forced to have a lawyer that hated you?
* You weren't allowed to hire the lawyer you wanted?
* The was jury was sent out of court when you were trying to read written facts of the prejudiced hateful treatment by the forced-on-you lawyer to the judge?
* How would you feel if that information was never given to the jury and was sealed away instead?
* How would you feel if you were placed in the middle of the courtroom, instead of treated as a regular defendant, who sits on the side with his lawyer?
* You had no witnesses called for you?
* Your excellent work record, your many volunteer community efforts and excellent character were not presented in court?
* How would you feel if no family and friends or professional witnesses were called on your behalf? Yet they waited to be called?
* Others were offered a plea deal, but you were not?
* Other people's prints were on things, yours were NOT! But you were blamed anyway?
* Other people's DNA were on things, definitely not yours, yet still you were blamed?
* You paid for investigation, but none was done?
* The judge mockingly says at sentencing; go get your appeal, and see what good it does you.
* How would you feel if the judge puts in writing to all other judges to follow his decision?
* How would you feel if the trial judge tainted all appeal judges against you?
* The judge is not objective, not impartial, is entirely prejudiced against you?

How would you feel about all of the above and much more?

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