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Piers Wrongly Accused!

Police identified another person.
No prints of Pier's found on things at all, other people's were!
No DNA of Pier's on anything, yet others' was.
Witnesses thought it was an employee, not Piers.
Piers is FRAMED and BLAMED.

Please help Piers, he's innocent! Sign the petition below.

Paper Petition To Free Piers

Read the paper signatures pleading for Piers to be freed.

Motion To Vacate Convictions

Michael R. Levine's motion to vacate convictions and sentences based on unconstitutional hearing.

Government's Response To Motion

The government's official response to the attorney's motion.

Attorney's Findings Of Pier's Objections

Michael R. Levine & Matthew G. McHenry attorneys at law's findings of Pier's objections to judge vacating charges.

Attorney's Support Of Pardon

Letter of support from Michael R. Levine & Matthew G. McHenry requesting pardon of Piers.

Trial Errors By Pier's Defense

A list of the errors made by Butler, Pier's defense attorney.

Letter By Attorneys Pleading Release Of Piers

Michael R. Levine & Matthew G. McHenry's letter detailing why Piers should be freed!

Letter By Attorneys In Support Of Piers

Michael R. Levine & Matthew G. McHenry write a letter in support of Pier's innocence.

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